Claims Management & Resolution


The least costly method of avoiding claims and resolving disputes is to institute an effective claims management program well in advance of construction. UniBuild works closely with clients to ensure that risks are fully understood and associated costs are completely determined. Our extensive experience insures that the client is fully aware of implications associated with sharing, shifting, and controlling those risks that cannot be totally prevented.

UniBuild works side-by-side with the client and his staff to recognize and resolve possible disputes early on when costs and difficulties associated with changes are minimal. Even with the best of claims avoidance strategies, disputes will occur. Projects will frequently fall far behind schedule; significant unexpected costs are incurred and claims will proliferate. Because of our strong reputation, UniBuild is frequently retained, both during and after construction, to deal with claims and the development of dispute resolution tactics.

Scope of services

UniBuild uses the experience from the resolution of a multitude of major claims to assist is clients and their respective counsel by:

  • Determining Liability Identification, analysis and evaluation of the factual and contractual issues to determine liability.
  • Establishing Causation Performing delay, acceleration and productivity analyses to determine the effect of the action or inaction of the responsible parties on time and cost (causation).
  • Calculating Damages Determine the monetary cost of damages resulting from the contractor’s or designer’s actions and inactions and whether these damages are reasonable, allowable, provable, and recoverable.
  • Resolving Claims Based upon its proven track record, UniBuild will participate in any negotiations, arbitration, litigation, or administrative hearings necessary to develop and satisfy resolution to claims.