Facilities & Property Management


UniBuild Property Management Department provides state-of-the-art property management services to clients in the region.


Improve the value of an asset; increase cash flow and equity.


Save you time

Assume the burden of responsibility

Provide professional service

Submit detailed reporting and operating statements

Save you money with our competitive fees

Scope of Services


Analyze market conditions

Recommend/ approve rental rates

Administration and Management

Design and implement emergency preparedness programs

Design and implement operating policies and procedures

Monitor Property performance

Administer leasing


Routine communication with tenants

Design and implement tenant retention program

Execute market plan for attracting potential tenants

Physical and Maintenance

Regular property inspection

Determine purchase orders

Determine quality and quality of purchase

Supervise Contractors

Design and implement routine maintenance programs

Design and implement preventive maintenance programs

Approve and implement capital expenditure

Accounting and Reporting

Rent collection

Prepare annual budget

Prepare monthly operating statements