Design of RC and Steel Structures

Reinforced Concrete structures

For reinforced concrete structures the following documents are produced in order to provide the site team with all the necessary information for the works activities:

  • Calculation Report
  • Static and dynamic calculation under the vibrating machines
  • Formwork drawings, plan and sections, in scale 1:100; 1:50; 1:25 according to the complexity of the structures. In such drawings, all the relevant dimensions, the location of openings, if any, and any other information necessary to complete the work will be clearly indicated
  • 3D drawing with TeklaTM – RevitTM – Aveva E3DTM
  • Detail drawings in scale 1:25; 1:20; 1:10, according to the necessity of clear understanding.
  • Reinforcement drawings indicating the element mark, the quantity, the bar diameters and any other information relevant to the design.
  • Bar Bending Schedule, where for each shape it indicates the mark number, the dimensions, the length and weight, as well as the total length and weight for each diameter.

Steel Structures

Based on the electro-mechanical input received or assumed, we prepare the detailed design of structural steel buildings along with the following documents:

  • Arrangement drawings (plan and sections) indicating the type of profile, the position of the members in plan and section, base plates and anchor bolts.
  • Al these drawings will be prepared in suitable scale, 1:100; 1:50 or other, in order to allow the Manufacturer and site to clearly understand the project.
  • 3D drawing from Tekla ™
  • Typical detail of connection with loads indication or full connection
    details in scale 1:25; 1:10; or 1:5