Planning & Scheduling


Planning and Scheduling is performed in conjunction with Project Management and Construction management Services. This professional service can be provided from the early conceptual phase of the project until the complete commissioning and operation has been achieved. It will establish the required time frame for all phases including feasibility, design, preconstruction and construction activities. This service utilizes the latest computer software in the industry and is tailored to meet the needs of the individual client and his project.


Utilize expert professionals and state of the computerized Scheduling Software to plan and schedule every aspect of the project. Continuously review and re-plan the project activities as required using a systematic approach to monitor and control the project activities with the Project and Construction Management Teams, to maintain the project completion time.


UniBuild Planning and Scheduling services provide the latest technology and professional expertise needed to plan and control all phases and activities
of the project. It provides regular updates of critical information necessary to make informed management decisions the project schedule.

Scope of Services

The Planning and Scheduling services provide the quantitative analysis of time in relation to the project time line and gives the details to make the qualitative decisions regarding all planning activities. The services include:

Planning of Clients Priorities and Milestones

Implementation of the Computerized Scheduling Software

Project Phasing and Time Frames

Scheduling of Time, Manpower and Cash Flow

Long Lead Procurement Planning

Establish Clear Demarcation Lines

Plan Logical Sequence and Ease of Construction

Adjust for Labor Force Availability and Material deliveries

Include Client Furnished Items

Kick Start (Municipal Approvals, Clearing Site, Fencing, Excavation,
Temporary Facilities)

Attend regular meetings with the Project Management and Construction
Management Team to review and give advice on the current status of the
project planning and schedule

Provide Regular Schedule Reports

Identify Potential Time Overruns

Advise corrective action and assistance to implement the required