Project Management


The process of Project Management is a proven method which combines the project phases of pre-design, design, tender, construction and occupancy into a series of tightly integrated tasks. This will frequently bring together the Owner, Designer and Construction Manager in an interactive relationship and will allow the Owner to participate in the construction process.

UniBuild has the experience and expertise to ensure that a smooth operating link is formed. In addition to the traditional design and build, with one general contractor approach, there is the option of the fast-tracked, multi-packaged approach. Fast-tracking allows the acceleration of the project duration by the overlapping of the design and construction activities. Whichever method is appropriate for a particular project, UNIBUILD has the experience to ensure the delivery of a project that is on time and within budget.


To deliver an operational project that meets goals while providing owners with the targeted financial returns, in the shortest possible time.

Scope of Services

The following are the services offered for a complete project management package, but the various components of project management may be utilized separately depending on the requirements of the specific client and project.